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【线上体育平台】华夏全力协商谈判欲留住高拉特 但恒大想要转租

Reporter Chen Yong reported on the morning of the 7th,


On September 28, China Huaxia ended the first stage of the Chinese Super League. Due to Chongqing’s victory, China finally ranked fourth in Group B. In the first round of the championship group, China’s opponent became Evergrande. That is not good news.


In fact, after the 13th round on September 25, China was qualified for the championship group, but the ranking has not yet been determined, and it is possible to play against Evergrande and Suning.


In terms of Evergrande, Cannavaro originally intended to recall Goulart to enhance the team’s competitiveness in the AFC. In theory, it doesn’t make much sense for China to keep Goulart because he cannot avoid it against Evergrande. Playing, and if you can't make the semifinals, the subsequent games are more suitable for training newcomers.


But Goolat eventually stayed, and the team did not give up the effort to hit the semi-finals. Previously, the Sierra Leone Football Association wanted to recruit


With Markon, Touré, Paulinho, and Memisevic, even if Golat evaded, China still has four foreign aids, and it is not without a chance. Of course, in terms of overall strength, Huaxia is still weaker than Evergrande, and the two rounds of the match meant that the difficulty of the upset has also increased, but by keeping Toure, Huaxia made it clear that it would not take the initiative to hand over the gun.


In addition, regardless of whether they can make it to the semi-finals, in the subsequent games, China will definitely strive for a better ranking, and then exercise the young players at the right time. This is also the biggest reason why they hope to keep Gao Lat.


This season, Goulart scored 3 goals and 1 assist. Although the data is not as good as Malcon (11 goals and 1 assist) and the efficiency is not as good (2 goals and 4 assists), Goulart has taken on more frontcourt series and The connection function ensures the supply of ammunition for Malcon and Toure, which is very useful. Moreover, he started all 14 games, of which the first 13 games were full. Only the last round of the game against the Yellow Sea was 15 before the end. Min was replaced and the team's playing time was the highest, surpassing Malkang and Zhang Chengdong.

本赛季,古拉特打进3球和1助攻。尽管数据不如马尔康(11个进球和1个助攻),效率也不如马尔康(2个目标和4个助攻),但古拉特采用了更多的前场系列,连接功能确保了马尔孔和图雷,这非常有用。此外,他开始了所有14场比赛,其中前13场比赛已满。比赛结束前,对黄海的比赛只有最后一轮是15。 Min被替换,球队的上场时间最高,超过了Malkang和Zhang Chengdong。

In addition to leaving Goulart, China is still on the last day of the third transfer window. The official announcement of Li Hao's joining, the little-known him, has also caused many China fans to question, who is he?


Li Hao was born on January 29, 1992 in Helong City, Yanbian, Jilin. In 2011, he joined Yanbian and succeeded in surpassing the team. In the 2016 and 2017 seasons, he played 18 games on behalf of the team in the Super League. For Li Hao, he With the ups and downs in Yanbian's career, Yanbian was full of ups and downs, rushing to the top together, achieving good results together, relegating together, and finally disbanding.

李浩于1992年1月29日出生于吉林延边的贺龙市。 2011年,他加入延边,成功超越了队伍。在2016和2017赛季,他代表中超联赛出战18场比赛。对于李浩来说,随着延边事业的风风雨雨,延边充满了风风雨雨,一起冲向顶峰,共同取得了良好的成绩,一起降级,最后解散。

After the dissolution of Yanbian, Li Hao faced a difficult choice. He retired or left his hometown or went to a low-level team. In the end, he chose the champion team Yanbian Hailanjiang. In September last year, Yanbian Beiguo and Hailanjiang became one team. In the name of Northland, he hit second, but Northland also had problems and he had to leave.


From November 11 to 21, 2019, Li Hao went to J1 to train at Tosu Sandstone. It is said that he was close to signing. However, he still wanted to play in China and participated in some team trials. At the beginning of the year, China had a training in Haikou. At that time, Li Hao tried out with the team, and finally, he joined China.

从2019年11月11日至21日,李浩前往J1在Tosu Sandstone进行培训。据说他快要签约了。但是,他仍然想在中国踢球并参加了一些团体赛。年初,中国在海口接受了培训。当时,李浩在团队中进行了尝试,最后,他加入了中国。

Hua Xia said: "The attitude and ability shown by Li Hao during the trial training is the reason why the club chose him. He has always maintained his dream of football and a sense of responsibility to his family after hardships, which has also been recognized by the club. , Are our important principles for selecting and training players."


Regarding Li Hao's ability, the club conducted an evaluation. People from China told reporters that Li Hao has a tough style, is not afraid of fighting, has good passing ability and scheduling ability, which is a powerful supplement to the team's midfielder. In addition, Li Hao's mental attributes are very good, and he does his best in both training and competition.


Li Hao mainly plays as a midfielder and can also play as a full-back. However, in these two positions, China’s main players have strong capabilities. In the midfielder position, Wang Qiuming performed well, and the full-back has the captain Zhang Chengdong and the improved Ding Haifeng. , But the bench lineup was relatively thin. At the beginning of the season, China had a poor start. It was related to the absence of midfielders such as Wang Qiuming and Yin Hongbo due to injury. After four rounds of victory, China won three consecutive victories and eventually reached the semi-finals and returned from injury. They have contributed a lot.

李皓主要是中场球员,也可以是后卫球员。但是,在这两个职位上,中国的主要参与者都具有强大的能力。在中场位置,王秋明表现出色,后卫有队长张成东和经过改进的丁海峰。 ,但是替补阵容比较薄。网上体育平台在本赛季初,中国开局不佳。这与受伤造成的缺少王秋明,尹洪波等中场球员有关。经过四轮胜利,中国获得了连续三场胜利,最终打入了半决赛并从伤病中恢复过来。他们贡献了很多。

On the whole, the possibility of Li Hao becoming a major player is not very great. China's move still intends to strengthen the thickness of the lineup.


"From childhood, football has been my only goal. This time I return to the Super League, I will definitely redouble my efforts and hope to contribute to the team. Special thanks to the club leaders, coaches, teammates and staff. I will use my own reality. Action and performance, return to everyone who helped me." Li Hao said.