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Among the winners of the 2010 Alternative Golden Globes selected by Cox himself, Sneijder, who was selected in 2010, is the most well-known and the most recognized.


Many people still think that Sneijder was "robbed" of the Golden Globe Award in 2010. After all, in the 2009-2010 season, he won the triple crown at the club. He was runner-up in the 2010 World Cup and scored 5 ball.

许多人仍然认为斯内德(Sneijder)在2010年被“金球奖”(Golden Globe Award)“抢走”了。毕竟,在2009-2010赛季,他在俱乐部获得了三冠王。他在2010年世界杯足球赛上获得亚军,打进5球。

However, Cox believes that Sneijder was not elected for three reasons. First, Messi was called the greatest player in history for the first time that year, and Xavi and Iniesta won with their unique style of play. In order to win the World Cup, it is not unreasonable that the Barcelona "trio" won the top three Golden Globe Awards.


Secondly, Sneijder's performance in South Africa is somewhat overestimated. A few of his five goals are very lucky;


Finally, his performance in the second half of the year, that is, the first half of the 2010-2011 season, had a significant decline, and in fact he never recovered to the peak of the 2009-2010 season.


But this third reason, that is why Cox will select Sneijder as the winner of his alternative Golden Globe award in 2010. Of course, there have been highlights in his career, such as attacking in the last season of Ajax. Scored 18 goals and won the La Liga championship on behalf of Real Madrid, but 2010 was an incredible year for Sneijder.


He is the only source of creativity in the Inter Milan team coached by Mourinho, especially in the last pass when switching from defense to offense. Mourinho used 4231 more in the Champions League that year, but 4312 was used in the league, and Sneijder played the role of 1 and appeared as the classic No. 10.


In 2010, Sneijder was able to pass the ball. In the 1-0 defeat of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, he assisted Eto'o to score the only goal. In the Champions League final against Bayern, he assisted Milito to score the first goal; at the same time, he also maintained Regarding the threat to the goal, he actually played the role of Milito's striker partner in the Champions League final, as well as in the World Cup in South Africa. For example, he created opportunities for his teammates, and he directly threatened the goal more.

2010年,斯内德能够传球。在切尔西在斯坦福桥(Stanford Bridge)1-0击败的情况下,他协助埃托奥(Eto'o)进球。在对阵拜仁的欧洲冠军联赛决赛中,他协助米利托打进了第一个进球;同时,他还坚持认为对于进球的威胁,他实际上在冠军联赛决赛以及南非世界杯中扮演米利托的前锋搭档。例如,他为队友创造了机会,直接威胁了目标。

These experiences seem to make Sneijder think he is a shooter, but in fact, in the 2009-2010 season, he only scored 1 goal in the sports war. After the World Cup, under Benitez's Inter Milan, Sneijder started shooting at various distances and angles. In the middle of the 2011-2012 season, it was found that Sneijder played in 12 games, Inter Milan scored 12 points. In the 12 games he missed, Inter Milan scored 24 points. At the age of 29, Sneijder went to play in Turkey. Apart from playing five games for Nice in 2017, he never appeared in the top five European leagues.


The most interesting thing is that in 2010 Sneijder won 14% of the Ballon d'Or votes, and in 2011 he won 15%. This is the absurdity of the Golden Globe voting that year-some people hardly looked at his performance in 2011, some people may feel guilty for not voting for him in 2010 and then make up the vote-he never did Nominated.

最有趣的是,2010年,斯内德(Sneijder)赢得了金球奖(Ballon d'Or)14%的票,而在2011年,他赢得了15%的票。这是荒谬的金球奖投票,一年来有些人几乎没有看过他在2011年的表现,有些人可能会因为没有在2010年为他投票而感到内-,然后补上了他-他从未提名。

Therefore, it is probably not an exaggeration to say that Sneijder's world-class performance lasted only one year, and for most of 2010, Sneijder did very, very well.


Speaking of Eduardo Vargas, maybe your brain is blank, maybe you are thinking about his disappointing performance in Naples, disappointing performance in Valencia, disappointing performance in Hoffenheim or The disappointing performance of the Rangers in Queens Park, but it may also be his impressive performance in the two America's Cups in 2015 and 2016, and perhaps the most tactical and attractive national team Chile in the 2010s.

说到爱德华多·瓦尔加斯(Eduardo Vargas),也许您的大脑一片空白,也许您正在思考他在那不勒斯的令人失望的表现,在瓦伦西亚的令人失望的表现,在霍芬海姆的令人失望的表现或在皇后公园的流浪者的令人失望的表现,但也可能是他令人印象深刻的表现曾在2015年和2016年两次参加美洲杯,也可能是2010年代最具战术和吸引力的国家队智利。

Even experienced fans may not remember his performance on behalf of the Chilean University team in 2011, but Cox believes that Vargas that year may be the most exciting South American club in recent years. The most exciting player.


At the time, the head coach of the University of Chile was Jorge Sampaoli, who later led the national team to win the Copa America twice. Sampaoli was deeply influenced by Bielsa’s style of Chilean football at the time-aggressive oppression, changing formations at any time, playing very fast-paced and direct football, the University of Chile finally won the South American Cup that year-equivalent to Europe Europa League.

当时,智利大学的首席教练是乔治·桑帕奥利(Jorge Sampaoli),他后来带领国家队两次夺得了美洲杯。桑帕奥利(Sampaoli)在时势激进的压迫中深受比尔萨(Bielsa)智利足球风格的影响,随时改变阵型,打快节奏和直接的足球,智利大学最终赢得了当年的欧洲杯南美冠军杯。

In that game, Vargas scored a total of 11 goals (the highest in history), including a brace in the final. The South American footballer of that year, he finished second after Neymar. Vargas' performance attracted the attention of a large number of mainstream European clubs and eventually joined Naples.


Regrettably, despite his attempts in four European leagues, we have never seen his performance in 2011, although he will still be considered a legend of Chilean football-he is only behind in the history of Chilean national team goalscorers. Sanchez has 5 goals.


The name Mi Chu has appeared three times recently. One is when the popular fried chicken Harland said that he liked Mi Chu when he was a kid, and the other was in one of my football clubs. A player said that he thought a player named Mi Chu was very explosive. This also shows how special Mi Chu in 2012 is.

Mi Chu这个名字最近出现了3次。一种是流行的炸鸡Harland说他小时候喜欢Mi Chu,另一种是在我的一个足球俱乐部里。一名球员说,他认为名叫Mi Chu的球员具有爆炸性。这也说明了2012年的《米楚》有多特别。

The third time was in Cox's 2010 Alternative Golden Globe Awards.


Cox said that Michu is also an alternative to this alternative Golden Globe winner, because other players, more or less close to world-class players, broke out in a certain year and had a truly outstanding season. Unlike Michu, he only played in the top league for two and a half seasons. For most of his career, he played more in the secondary leagues, even in the third and fourth levels.


His career goals are 3, 4, 3, 3, 11, 1, 6, 6, 15, 18, 2, 0, 10, 1. 15 and 18, which happens to be the only one he has in the top league. Two complete seasons, the first one played for Vallecano in the 2011-2012 season, and then the 2012-2013 season in Swansea. In just 18 months, Michu was once a strong contender for the Premier League's golden boots, rumored with Arsenal, and scored in the League Cup final.


He scored twice from outside the penalty zone in his first show for Swansea. He scored against Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. He scored two goals against Manchester United and three against Arsenal. Two of these goals were scored in the 2-0 defeat of Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.


That year Michu played not only the role of a shooter, he was more like a No. 10 player, appeared behind Boni, holding, letting his teammates participate in the game, and playing the No. 9 role at the No. 10 position. The shadow of Berbatov.


He was also called into the national team because of his excellent performance at that time and played in the world preliminaries, playing the forward role of 4231 in front of Pedro, Fabregas and David Silva.


Unfortunately, the continued ankle injury caused Michu to fall into the Spanish fourth division at the age of 29 and retired at the age of 31. Cox said that besides Michu, there is no longer a player whose peak is shorter, sharper, and more unexpected.


In 2013, Harvey Martinez was used to play any position. In the Confederations Cup semi-final against Italy, he was used as a forward for Plan B; under Guardiola, he was often used as a defender. But in the first confrontation with Klopp, Hama played at number 10. Sometimes Hama is also used as a defensive midfielder, but his best performance was in the second half of the Bayern Champions League coached by Heynckes in the first half of the year. Hama was used as a B to B midfielder and played at the 8th position. .

在2013年,Harvey Martinez被用来担任任何职位。在对意大利的联合会杯半决赛中,他被用作B计划的前锋;在瓜迪奥拉领导下,他经常被用作后卫。但是在与克洛普的第一次交锋中,哈马排名第10。有时哈马还被用作防守型中场,但他最好的表现是在上半年海因克斯执教的拜仁冠军联赛的下半场。哈马(Hama)被用作B对B的中场球员,并排名第8。 。

This was particularly evident in the two rounds of 7-0 victory over Barcelona. Those two games even made people think that the balance of European football strength shifted from Barcelona to Bayern, and from Spain to Germany. When playing in Spain, Harvey Martinez was more like a calm defensive midfielder, but at Bayern, he incorporated more German elements-more energy, more tenacity, more oriented. Before running.

这在两轮7-0击败巴塞罗那的比赛中尤为明显。这两场比赛甚至使人们认为欧洲足球实力的平衡已经从巴塞罗那转移到了拜仁,从西班牙转移到了德国。在西班牙打球时,哈维·马丁内斯(Harvey Martinez)更像是一个镇定的防守型中场球员,但在拜仁(Bayern),他融入了更多的德国元素-更有活力,更坚韧,更有针对性。在运行之前。

In those two rounds, he could pass, block, score, assist and move. He won the 8th position with Iniesta. In the 4-0 victory over Barcelona in the first leg, Harvey Martinez's number of passes was 21st of the players on both sides, but he completed the most steals (and fouls). In the final moments of the game, when Hama stepped forward, Iniesta tripped him in frustration-it seemed that the roles of the two had reversed.

在这两轮比赛中,他可以通过,盖帽,得分,助攻和移动。他在伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)赢得了第八名。在首回合4-0击败巴塞罗那的比赛中,哈维·马丁内斯(Harvey Martinez)的传球次数在双方球员中排名第21,但他完成了最多的抢断(和犯规)。在比赛的最后时刻,哈马向前走时,伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)沮丧地绊倒了他-看来两者的角色已经颠倒了。

Unfortunately, Hama's later career was affected by injuries. In 2014, he suffered a serious injury to his knee ligament and almost missed the entire season. He did not play for the national team for five years. However, as far as 2013 is concerned, Xavi Martinez is the best all-around player in Europe.

不幸的是,哈马的后来职业受到了受伤的影响。 2014年,他的网上体育平台膝盖韧带严重受伤,几乎缺席了整个赛季。他已经五年没有参加国家队比赛了。但是,就2013年而言,哈维·马丁内斯(Xavi Martinez)是欧洲最佳的全能球员。

Before the 2014 World Cup, James Rodríguez "has not been out of the circle". Fans who follow the minor leagues know that he has performed well in Porto in those years, and then he was introduced to Monaco at a high price and played another good season. . But the real "burst" is the performance in Brazil's World Cup.

在2014年世界杯足球赛之前,詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(JamesRodríguez)尚未走出圈子。跟随小联盟的球迷知道他那几年在波尔图的表现不错,然后他以高价被引进摩纳哥,并且又打了一个好赛季。 。但是真正的“爆发”是巴西世界杯的表现。

Before 2014, Colombia had missed the World Cup for three consecutive times. They are just like some football countries in the 1990s, such as Bulgaria and Romania, suddenly cultivated a group of outstanding players, the head coach Jose Pekerman brought these players together, and at the same time let the number 10 player Play the best level in this World Cup.

2014年之前,哥伦比亚已连续三届缺席世界杯。他们就像1990年代的一些足球国家(例如保加利亚和罗马尼亚)突然培养出了一批杰出的球员,总教练Jose Pekerman将这些球员召集在一起,同时让排名前10的球员发挥出最佳水平本届世界杯。

In the 3-0 victory over Greece, Ronaldo played the role of No. 10, taking the ball in the depths of the midfield area to organize and find space. Defeating Côte d’Ivoire 2-1, Ronaldo scored the first goal with a header, and the winning goal was when he completed the steal and took back the ball to start the attack. In the third game, he took turns off the bench, scoring one goal and assisting two.


In the knockout round, he turned and volleyed the world wave against Uruguay;


In the quarter-finals lost to the Brazil team, the host turned the game into an ugly, physical struggle, and Ronaldo was the only creative player on both sides.


Because he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, Ronaldo missed the final contest for the best player award and could only accept the Golden Boot Award, the best goal of the tournament and a place in the best team.


After the World Cup, he switched to Real Madrid and achieved great success in the first season. He was a member of the midfield trio. In the season that Barcelona won the Triple Crown, Ronaldo was selected as the best midfielder. Enough to prove his performance. But after that, his condition began to be unstable, suffering from injuries, and he didn't start to perform well until after renting out to Bayern.


Ronaldo did not get the best player award in the 2014 World Cup, but in Cox's view, his stable performance in that competition was the best attacker in the 2002 World Cup after Ronaldo.