24 Seven release Wild Wild West

15 Jun 2016

24 Seven pride themselves on their ability to guide their development team and partners in the right direction. According to managing director, Simon McCarthy, listening to their loyal customer base and adapting to the market is at the heart of their success. The current climate in the UK single site business is tough at the moment, to say the least. Both large and small operators alike are having to look long and hard at their capital expenditure. which is forever being scrutinised. To this end, 24 Seven Gaming aims to provide both cost effective new (iPlay cabinet) and rebuild (Ex BFG Eclipse) products. This philosophy is encapsulated in the latest game release Wild Wild West - Tin Can Alley Cat C.£100. Following on from early site trials, the full production of Wild Wild West - Tin Can Alley is now well underway. The release of this product to customers is expected to commence over the next few weeks. The game will be released as both a rebuild and door kit option - making this a totally viable and cost-effective purchase for the operator. Simon McCarthy, managing director of 24 Seven Gaming, said: -We have made the strategic decision to release this product as a door kit as well as a traditional rebuild product This follows on from a review of what the UK operators' requirements are. -We have now covered DES as an option within all of our current rebuild product, this is to ensure that the operator has total confidence in the security and reliability of our rebuild/door kit products.This is yet another example that we listen to our customers and provide them wit both dependable and entertaining product to the UK Cat C market place: In addition to the release of Wild Wild West -Tin Can Alley 24 Seven will releasing the high successful Black beards Bounty game format in rebuild/door kit option over the coming weeks.Th will be released following feedback from the market and in line with their distribution release schedule. Based on the exciting game format of 'Tin Can Alley' 24 Seven plans to implement the feature into future game release Their next rebuild release after Wild Wild West -Tin C Alley, will be Outlaw 'Tin Can Alley' - a B £400 product.