24/7 opens the next chapter

15 Jun 2016

Since it opened for business for the first time in 2013, new kid on the block, 24 Seven Games has set its sights on creating games that make a break from orthodoxy. With the help of a -hopefully - favourable triennial review for the sector, managing director Simon McCarthy is keen for his business to write the next chapter of the Cat C story. For 24 Seven Gaming, the UK Cat C sector remains a keystone in its business strategy. Indeed, there is no room for complacency in this sector, managing director Simon McCarthy explained, if suppliers are to meet the demands of modern players for fresh and innovative games. "As we are all aware,the need to provide our customer base with an attractive and entertaining offering for their leisure spend is the all-important measure of the success of any product offered these days: McCarthy commented. -We are mindful that today's players are always demanding new and innovative approaches for the style of game play on offer within the retailer's locations." And as a newer name in the industry. 24 Seven may be better placed than most to make a clean break from orthodoxy and offer an alternative product experience for players, an approach McCarthy believes is necessary to I bring in more players and I - just as importantly - keep them there for longer. "As a relative newcomer to the market, we felt that we needed to offer some-thing different in terms of games design. We believe that the player needs a different style of game to complement the current offering on site: McCarthy said "Our aim here is simple: to both grow the player base and increase the time spent playing machines on site, both of which we believe are achievable" McCarthy also explained how a little help from the triennial review in the form of a relaxing of technical standards could go a long way in allowing companies like 24 Seven to innovate and bring fresh air into the genre, but whether these changes would be implemented within a reasonable time frame remains a key concern. He commented: "As an industry we are all anticipating an announcement from DCMS in relation to the triennial review. Our concern is that any time frame for consultation and ultimately any implementation date is still some time off yet, and our industry needs something to happen sooner rather than later, to be able to move forward: He added: "It is essential that any review of stake and prize be both fair and reasonable to allow the industry to move forward. In addition, we need to ensure parity with comparable product within the high street. We are talking about delivering an innovative and entertaining product and to do this we also need to have the ability to be more creative with the style of games offered. Currently the 'technical standards' that accompany any Cat C design are restrictive, and this must be addressed.