Casino Fever hits the UK

15 Jun 2016

24 Seven Gaming believes it's onto a winner with its latest offering, Casino Fever, which aims to bring an innovative spin to the Cat C genre. The first game to come out of 24 Seven Gaming designed by Ian Rodden,Casino Fever has his unique signature written all over it. Characterised by a rigorous adherence to technical standards for Cat C while bringing an innovative spin to the genre. "The reaction to Casino Fever at EAG was overwhelmingly positive. People recognized the hallmark of Ian's previous game heritage. but realized the game brought something fresh and new to the sector,' commented managing director Simon McCarthy. Thanks to this unique profile. 24 Seven is convinced that Casino Fever will be the first of a line of successful Cat C releases into the UK market, developed with Rodden's expertise. Casino Fever has a very interactive feel, especially when the player achieves the 'Seventh Heaven' feature on the top Mega Roulette wheel - the player has to repeat the 'combination' of lit roulette wheel sequences - the more successful combinations completed, the higher the players reward. When playing the base game, the player has the ability to complete the 'FEVER' bonus panel through collecting the blue and red dice symbols from the reels.The higher the stake played, the more interaction delivered through the dice activation on the reels. Through the features, the player has the opportunity to`move up'through the three-tiered roulette wheels, moving from the base roulette wheel to the 'Supa' roulette wheel through to the 'Mega' roulette wheel, culminating in the possibility of entering the'Big Money'feature. -Since the machine has been on site test we have the statistics to back up our belief that Casino Fever has managed to create a stake and VTP increase on site, while offering an entertaining format that will appeal to a broader player base than do many other machines currently on the market,- McCarthy said. And it man-ages to achieve this while also offering game elements which will appeal to the more experienced AWP player."