Cat C secures 24 Seven focus

15 Jun 2016

Looking back on 2015 and ahead to the new year. 24 Seven's managing director Simon McCarthy is hoping that new additions to his company over the last twelve months, coupled with a renewed commitment to analogue Cat C. will pay dividends during 2016. Coinslot: How would you characterise the state of the low-stake machine market at present? Simon McCarthy: For the immediate future,24 Seven has made a commitment to analogue Category C games. The company is excited about offering the UK market a slightly different style of reel-based game over the coming months. This commitment reflects on our understanding of the opportunities that exist within the UK market - our customers are investing in the right product from a performance and cost perspective and our aim at 24 Seven is to offer the operator what they want and need. CS: What were the key products 24/7 Gaming exhibited at EAG 2015? How have they fared throughout the year? SM: In 2015. the first Category C machines to be produced were Wok Around the Clock, which was followed by Blackbeards Bounty. Both performed extremely well; with the latter achieving full retailer approvals a few months later. The next UK showing for 24 Seven was the Autumn Coin-op Show in London. where the company exhibited for the second year running. Once again our presence at ACOS was another pivotal point for 24 Seven Gaming.There were three new Category C titles at the show: Hyper Drive. Jumpin Jack Cash and Wild Wild West -Tin Can Alley. CS: What new products has 24/7 been working on since the last show? What can we expect to see at this year's? SM: 24 Seven's renowned new-build Cat C cabinet called 1-Play' will be on show at EAG 2016 and gives the company great flexibility for game design going forward. The games that will be on show on the Wessex Coin stand (number 130) at the forth-coming EAG will be:Wild Wild West - Tin Can Alley. Hyper drive, Jumpin Jack Cash. Casino Fever and Outlaw - Tin Can Alley. In addition to the 'iPlay' cabinet. the release of both Wild Wild West - Tin Can Alley and Jumpin Jack Cash as rebuild or door-kit options offers total flexibility for our customer base. CS: What were the major business achievements for 24/7 in 2015? How do these position 24/7 for the coming year? SM: 24 Seven Gaming Ltd was pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Rodden as development director during 2015. In this role, Rodden is responsible for generating new and innovative games, as well as supporting the organisation by managing and liaising closely with existing development partners. We are extremely excited that Ian joined to 24 Seven. lan's background and product knowledge within our sector is outstanding, he has a passion for gaming and this has shown in his phenomenal track record. Ian has already demonstrated how he can complement our work and our needs, and we are very pleased to have him as a fundamental part of our team.The first game that comes from Ian's direct involvement within 24 Seven is called Casino Fever and will be on show at EAG 2016.