Fast and reliable 24/7

15 Jun 2016

Simon McCarthy, managing director of 24 Seven Gaming, speaks to Coinslot about meeting changing demands for refurbished machines, and the niche his company is built around. Operators may choose the refurbished market for a variety of rea-sons, but all agree that having a machine off the floor for long is bad for business. And Simon McCarthy, managing director of 24 Seven Gaming, is among the band of people who feel strongly about the appeal of refurbished machines and how the industry should approach these demands. All operators will of course look to maximise their initial investment - to ensure they get the maximum return. This is where 24 Seven aims to provide both rebuild and door kits to our customer base, providing a reliable and well performing product that can be utilised across all retailer estates," he tells Coinslot. We cover Cat C £100 and will cover B4 £400 in the coming months - these categories are being requested by our customers. We also constantly evaluate potential sales of additional categories within the UK." Just how does McCarthy respond to changes in demand for different machines, budgets and services? "Understanding changes in demand is where the relationship with our distribution partners is fundamental. We work together to identify 'off site' stock that has moved down the rent bands -and look to identify models which are able to take a game change. "In relation to rebuild or door kit product produced by 24 Seven, we aim to provide a fast and reliable service. This is a fundamental philosophy of our business model. We ensure that together with our distribution partners all customers are able to get an immediate and effective response to any issues experienced within the field relating to our products."