Looking out of the box: McCarthy examines the future of Cat C

15 Jun 2016

CATEGORY C: Simon McCarthy, managing director of 24 Seven Gaming, talks to Coinslot about the triennial review and the future of the Category C gaming market. Cat C is here to stay, he says, but more innovation and lobbying is needed if the sector is to continue growing. Coinslot: How significant is the Cat C gaming market to your overall level of trade? Simon McCarthy:The Cat C market is fundamental to our business strategy.This sector of the UK market is what our philosophy is based on,being able to offer entertaining Cat C product to the player base. CS: How significant do you think the maximum jack-pot of a machine is in generating cash-box revenue? SM:You need to consider several factors which play key roles in the success of that product. It's the frequency of the win of a jack-pot that players are looking to understand along with the stake ratio as well as the playing time of that game. so whilst the maximum jackpot is the main indicator of whether the player will engage with the product it's also not the only significant factor.As designers we need the ability to innovate and that will only come through the changes in technical standards. CS: What do you think can be done to open-up the Cat C sector to a wider audience? Is this some-thing you are actively pursuing? SM:We need to continue to engage with the lapsed and non-players within venues, this is the only way we will get any continued and sustained growth in the market place. e must from a design principle look out-side of the box. CS: What do you see as being the future of the Cat C market? SM:We believe that the analogue reels product is here to stay. there is nothing wrong with this offering. clearly there is also a growing footprint of digital, but we believe that they will coexist side by side. CS: Finally, what results would you like to see emerge from the next triennial review, as regards to Cat C? SM: In relation to triennial we need to ensure we represent all parties' interests and one way to achieve this is through continual lobbying that is carried out by the trade associations, both BACTA and Gambling Business Group, to ensure a focused and strategic approach.We need parity across all sectors of the market to ensure as businesses we are given a level playing field to compete within the UK entertainment sector.